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Lil Speed Racer - Car Prop - Newborn Toddler - Photography Prop


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This adorable 'Lil Speed Racer is the perfect size for newborns, sitters and small/young toddlers. The racer has wheels that will turn/roll and a removable steering wheel. The steering wheel does not turn the tires.

The sizing is perfect for a 6-12 Month old could sit with their feet inside the car (depending on the size of the child). A small blanket would need to be used for padding. Although, there is nothing sharp on the inside of the car. The entire racer is metal.

Measurements: 26" Long x 11" Wide x 13" Tall (Not Including Steering Wheel)


US - $35

Images Courtesy of
Stephanie Krupicka Photography
Blueberry Beignet Photography
Iga Logan Photography

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