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Branch Bed - Newborn Photography Prop - Real Wood - NEW


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This GORGEOUS new bed is made from real branches so each one is UNIQUE. The size is perfect for newborns and is strong enough to support them. However, do NOT try to lift the bed by the handle while a newborn is on the bed.

Measurements: 22" Long x 10" Wide x 18" Tall (Overall)*
18" Long x 10" Wide (Area for Newborn)*

* Each bed is handmade and unique. The measurements are a general sizing, but not guaranteed.


US $22

This item does NOT ship to any location other than the US or Canada. Sorry!

Gorgeous Images by:
Pebbles and Polka Dots Photography
Blueberry Beignet Photography
UrbanAlli Photography
Newborn Daydreams Photography
In The Moment Photography

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